Dallas native, Gresham Meek, graduated from The University of Mississippi in 2012 where she earned a Liberal Arts degree focusing on ancient art and jewelry, particularly that of the Italian Renaissance. During her studies she wrote her senior thesis for the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College titled: “Technical and Stylistic Changes in Jewelry from the Time of Theophilus to the Time of Cellini.” Her Ole Miss studies coupled with her on-the-go lifestyle directly inspire her own jewelry collection today. Gresham passionately designs and curates jewelry that evokes confidence and sophistication by individually sketching each piece and hand selecting her materials.

Like most young girls, Gresham grew up making friendship bracelets for her and her friends. However, her hobby quickly swelled to a passion and she began designing and creating jewelry to sell, holding her first trunk show in the 6th grade. Upon college graduation, Gresham dedicated herself to her craft and set out to turn her passion into a full-time job. Fast forward nine years later and hundreds of retailers internationally carry the Gresham brand and she has a flourishing e-commerce site bursting with colorful jewelry, home décor, art, clothing and more. 

The collection has expanded to embrace her multi-faceted design talents, creating a lifestyle brand that is quintessentially Gresham – curated, effortless, lively.

The company, her namesake Gresham, now employs 8 creatives and continues to expand rapidly. She focuses on creating a team-oriented work environment based on kindness, creativity and a cohesive work ethic. 

As CEO and Creative Director, Gresham believes joy to be contagious and a fundamental cornerstone for long term success. As such, she plans to continue growing her business always placing this joy at the center and spreading kindness like confetti.