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Maui Starter Pack- Pinks & Blues

Maui Starter Pack- Pinks & Blues

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You asked, we delivered! These curated selections of band packs are available in all three sizes. Best part? We’ve discounted them to a special bulk price just for you! Set of 3 Maui bracelets and five interchangeable bands. 

Pack Colors: Tropical Pink, Lavender, Hydrangea, Bright Blue, Royal Blue, Bubblegum, Purple, Hot Pink

Wear them in the waves or at a white tablecloth dinner, our versatile bangles can be dressed way up or way down! 

Made of stretchy silicone, our bracelets are completely water-resistant so swim, sweat, and shower in them worry-free!

Snap open at the end points, snap back together and stack 'em high! 

Measurements: Approx. length

  • Size 1 - 6.25"
  • Size 2 - 7.25"
  • Size 3 - 8.25"

*Size 2 = original Maui size